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Low resolution videos in WMV format

This was the first attempt to make these video back in 1990s.
This page is here for nostalgic purposes.
The videos are in Windows Media (WMV) format.

You can watch these videos by simply clicking on the links,
or you can save the videos on your  computer by
right clicking on the links and then select "Save Target As".

For streaming videos (YouTube Style) click here.

Latest update: 01/15/2007

1. Brave Little Parrot
2. Hope
3. Monkey and Crocodile
4. People Hug Trees
5. Royal Elephant
6. Stone Cutter
7. Three Statues
8. Tiger and traveler
9. Sage Dog
10. Savitri
11. Father and Son
12. Hallowed Horse
13. Kach and Devayani
14. Raja Yayati
15. Philosophy of Death
16. Aruni
17. Suddha's Donkey
18. Sudama
19. Story of Durga

Tales of Shiva

Shiva and Sati

Shiva and Parvati

Shiva and the Fisherman

Shiva and Arjuna

Shiva and Markandeya



Tales of Vishnu




Churning of the Ocean

Varaha and Vamanavatar



Four Tales of Vishnu

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