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Current & Future Plans

Current plan of AGII

We are now trying to put all the stories on "Internet streaming through CPC" for the benefit of children of global Indian community. This volunteer service of CPC should be recognized by all of us with gratitude. AGII does not have any income to support such an expensive technological undertaking. I personally feel obliged to CPC for sponsoring such a wonderful project.

Future plan of AGII

In future we (selected teachers of Indian community) will run Internet summer workshops for the children of all ages, with quizzes and gifts, in order to give incentive to the younger generation to learn more about India - its history, mythology, biography of great men and global spirituality. This will be done through our streaming videos.

The present discontinuation of AGII-DVD distribution is with the goal to help in the assimilation of the huge amount of materials produced by many dedicated teachers of Indian community who left this world with the dream that our children growing in the west may not get lost.

Contact: Dilip K. Som dsom@cpcweb.com


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The Association of Grandparents of Indian Immigrants 
is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve the families of Indian Immigrants.

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